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Virtual Village Neighborhood Network

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United States

In 2012, CLO created an innovative community living model to support adults with autism living semi-independently in an apartment complex, called the Virtual Village. This model utilizes high technology for remote support in combination with a sophisticated on-site, on-demand staffing model to provide a menu of remote and deployed support when and where needed to maximize independence and minimize costs.  By increasing the social network of those living semi-independently with autism and other developmental disabilities, they expect to see increased appropriate social interactions, the development of healthy relationships, technology fluency, and bolstered confidence among the consumers to be among the results of the VVNN. In addition, they expect the individuals will not only be better connected to one another and their immediate neighborhood, but also to their family members through the closed social network. Finally, they hope that individuals obtain new and enriched opportunities for community inclusion, leisure, volunteerism, and employment.