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Training for Adults in Language and other Key Skills (TALKS)

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United States

This spring, UTSHC expanded its services to include a group intervention model for young adults with ASD to participate in functional speech and language activities along with peer mentors, who are undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. Seven young adults with ASD (ages 19-29) have participated in the weekly group with great success. Motivational and Interactive Planning Projects (MIPPS) completed around the campus provided a “real life” context for practicing communication and language skills. Parents and siblings have been included in select activities to allow for maximum carry-over of skills to the natural living environment. Participants have demonstrated improvement in target skills such as asking and answering questions, making related comments in conversation, and reporting on a variety of topics. The UTSHC is anxious to make this program available to more young adults in our community and expand to a more intensive, longitudinal program. Thus, we are requesting funding from Autism Speaks to finalize and launch our year-round program for adults with autism: Training for Adults in Language and other Key Skills (TALKS).