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Practitioners Conference: ASD in Higher Education

State/Province Full: 
New York
United States

The project will fund the development of a manual created as a result of RIT’s Spectrum Support Program's (SSP) one-day Practitioners Conference in June 2014 to build capacity at multiple institutes of higher learning by providing hands-on training to professionals in higher education to develop ASD supports customized for their home institutions. Training topics will include areas such as: creating a mentoring model, case management and advising best practices, transitional support through pre-orientation programming, residence life considerations, supporting students in the job search process, training faculty and staff, curricular development for specialized academic, social, and career success seminars, as well as costing/budgeting considerations. Session participants will have the opportunity to develop individualized drafts of support plans (institution specific goals, curricula, budget priorities, etc.) to apply at their home institutions and will have the opportunity to receive feedback from a panel of experts.