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Developing A Digital Resume for Young Adults with Autism to Effectively Seek Employment

Park Ridge
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United States

The ‘iResume’ will be developed specifically to assist young adults with autism and their job coach in creating a profile that accurately represents their ability to perform the tasks of the job for which they are applying. Critically, the ‘iResume’ will contain video clips of the applicant carrying out tasks that highlight their on-the-job skills. Prospective employers will utilize the applicant’s iPad to view their iResume and objectively assess their skills. The program will include functional assessments, as well as endorsements by job coaches and vocational employers to illustrate the young adult’s potential to be an effective, desirable employee. iResume helps to bridge the gap between the inability of an individual with autism to successfully participate in the interview process and demonstrate abilities they gained as a result of their vocational training program. Seeking employment utilizing this tool affords individuals with autism increased independence in the interview process and helps them to get one step closer to obtaining meaningful employment. This is an innovative model program that has the potential to impact many individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities locally and across the country.