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A Centralized Standard Database for the Baby Siblings Research Consortium

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United States

The overarching goal of this proposal is to provide a centralized repository of data for BSRC members that can be used for conducting collaborative multi-site studies within the BSRC. The database will serve as a repository for both core common measures collected by all sites (e.g., ADOS, ADI, Mullen) and measures specific to smaller collaborative projects (e.g., EEG data) and will standardize data formats, clean and filter data, and provide prompt access to combined data in service of collaborative projects. The database will be structured so as to accommodate expansion and ongoing additions to collected measures, and will include specific data to be used in the generation of GUIDs as defined by NDAR as a way to facilitate the long-term compatibility of the database with other national and international collaborative databases. [BSRC]