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A Centralized Standard Database for the Baby Siblings Research Consortium

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United States

The primary aim of this study is to maintain and expand upon the BSRC database as a repository of infant sibling phenotypic data from multiple research sites from around the world. The database currently contains longitudinal data from 2,753 high-risk infant siblings and 1,575 low-risk comparison infants, with 17,303 separate age points represented, each comprised of multiple standardized assessment measures of autism symptoms and cognitive and behavioral functioning. The database is designed to facilitate collaborative projects across multiple sites conducting infant sibling research and has already provided data management and analytic support for six collaborative projects in various stages of completion. The database has also been positioned to provide behavioral phenotypic data management for a separate biorepository project, funded jointly by Autism Speaks and the Simons Foundation. This study will continue the past success of the BSRC database by maintaining the current data, updating the database with new research data, and continuing to provide data and analytic support to all current and future collaborative projects. A number of specific extensions and expansions of the current database include monthly on-line data reports, detailed accounting of data availability for all data fields in the database, and standardized data cleaning subroutines and integrity analyses. [BSRC]