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Autism Celloidin Library

New York
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New York
United States

The Autism Celloidin Library is the largest cohort of autism and control, sex and age matched brains spanning the human lifespan. Due to the rarity of such a unique and fragile collection, the ATP is seeking both public and private funding to support its effort to scan in 3D, high definition images, the entire 28 single hemisphere library of meticulously processed sections for the creation of a free, web based imaging library. Such an endeavor will globally relinquish this collection to the entire autism research community for rapid and high through-put analysis of brain tissue, greatly facilitating the rate of autism research. The ATP is also seeking to establish stem cell lines from autism and control patients through both skin punches and post-mortem brain tissue cell isolations. Along with strong supporting clinical data, this will create a near limitless supply of biologically relevant living tissue for in-vitro laboratory autism research.