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Applying Participatory Design to Develop Technology (ITA Course)


This online course is designed to enable participants to become familiar with the benefits of participatory design and more able to create or make use of technology for Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) education and clinical practice. Course content will include an overview of participatory design, technology and ASD at all functional levels with a focus on the tools used during the design process and the methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of technology-based applications (e.g., virtual reality, shared active surfaces, video modeling, robotics). Participants will include teachers, therapists, parents, school administrators and technology developers who wish to become more informed about how technology and computer software can be made into more effective teaching tools for children with ASD as well as those who are typically developing. Virtual simulations of hardware and software applications will be used to illustrate the various technologies. In order to enable access by participants from around the world, this course will be offered in a distance learning format. The language of instruction will be English.