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2002 Collaborative Programs (NAAR)

Identifying Early Markers of Autism: A Study of Infant Siblings
Commonly known as the "Baby Sibs Study," NAAR first funded this project in 1997 and transformed into an extensive, multi-site project in 2001. In 2002, NAAR invested an additional $100,000 into this project, which is designed to better identify early signs of autism and develop more targeted interventions for younger children.

Autism Tissue Program: Medical Examiners Program
NAAR committed $140,000 in 2002 to launch a new component to the Autism Tissue Program that partners with Medical Examiner's Offices throughout the country to help acquire more post-mortem tissue for autism research. NAAR played a key role establishing the Autism Tissue Program in 1998.

Exploring the Genetic Roots of Autism
David Skuse, M.D., Ph.D. – Institute of Child Health, London, England
Eric Lander, Ph.D. – Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research (MIT), Cambridge, MA
Award Amont: $480,400
This collaborative project explores the genetic roots of autism, which focuses on a common phenotype expressed by people with Turner Syndrome and autism.