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Research We Have Funded

Autism Speaks is pleased to announce that we have redesigned the way you can search for the scientific research grants we have funded! Please click on the link below to be redirected to our online Science Grants Search. We hope you find this to be an easy-to-use and valuable resource in sharing our science research investments with the autism community.

click to access our Science Grants Search page


Please note that science grants awarded by our legacy organizations, Cure Autism Now (CAN) and the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR), are not included in the grants search. Please find descriptions of our CAN and NAAR science grants by using the links below.

Funded Research by Year:

2006 Grants Funded (CAN)
2005 Grants Funded (CAN)
2005 Research and Fellowship Awards (NAAR)
2005 Research Awards (NAAR) (PDF)
Dana Foundation Grants
2004 Grants Funded (CAN)
2004 Research and Fellowship Awards (NAAR)
2003 Grants Funded (CAN)
2003 Research Awards (NAAR)
2003 Training Programs (NAAR)
2003 Mentor-based Fellowships (NAAR)
2002 Grants Funded (CAN)
2002 Research Awards (NAAR)
2002 Collaborative Programs (NAAR)
2002 Mentor-based Fellowships (NAAR)
2001 Grants Funded (CAN)
2001 Awards (NAAR)
2000 Grants Funded (CAN)
2000 Awards (NAAR)
1999 Grants Funded (CAN)
1999 Awards (NAAR)
1998 Grants Funded (CAN)
1998 Awards (NAAR)
1997 Grants Funded(CAN)
1997 Awards (NAAR)


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