Autism Speaks and Royal Arch Masons to fund research on auditory processing disorder

Seek research proposals focused on improving understanding, evaluation and treatment of challenges in how the brain processes sound

January 10, 2018

Autism Speaks, with generous support from the Royal Arch Masons International, is pleased to announce two new funding opportunities for research focused on improving understanding, evaluation and treatment of auditory processing disorders among people who have autism and related conditions.

The goal is to increase quality of life, with an emphasis on personalizing interventions.

Since the 1970s, the Royal Arch Masons International have ranked among the leading philanthropies helping children with auditory processing disorders, also known as central auditory processing disorders. This includes a range of conditions affecting the way individuals process the information they hear. Many people with autism have related challenges that can include difficulty using and comprehending speech and/or paying attention to and remembering spoken information.

The new research grant opportunities include

one pilot research award, up to $60,000


one predoctoral fellowship award, up to $40,000.

Autism Speaks seeks proposals for research that will

* increase understanding of the relationship between auditory processes and neurobehavioral function;

* lead to improved treatments for auditory processing challenges and related brain function and behavioral challenges;

* improve healthcare guidelines for identifying, evaluating and treating central auditory processing disorders;

* hold the potential to increase quality of life for people who have differences in brain development.

Find more information and instructions for applying in this Request For Applications.

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