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UPDATED: March 31, 2023

For some children, haircuts can be scary. Many children do not like the sounds of the clippers or the hairdryer. The big chair could be intimidating, colors on the cape, and don't even get them started on the sink!

Salon Penn offers a private, calm atmosphere where you can bring your child in for a haircut. The salon is in the back of a home so the entrance can feel more familiar than walking into a salon with a big waiting area. Your child will feel at ease knowing that they won't see the buzz of a zillion people or hear loud music or noises. The lights can be adjusted and music added or reduced for any sensory triggers. Feel free to bring anything along that might make them more comfortable. Aids or therapists are welcome.

I will cut your child's hair where they (and you) feel comfortable. That could be on your lap, on the floor, on the steps of the porch!

Some children require extra time. If you are booking online and you feel that your child needs more time due to length or texture of hair, nervousness, etc. there is an option for a Kids Cut with Extra Time. Please choose accordingly. I want to be sure that the child is not rushed due to timing constraints.

Please note:

Barber cuts such as designs or tight fades are not offered. Basic clipper cuts and buzz cuts can be done.

I do not have a ramp for handicap access. If you need those service, please call the salon.

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Salon Penn
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