Rock Paper Scissors Kids Hair Salon

UPDATED: July 9, 2021

Rock Paper Scissors Kids Hair Salon is a place for children aged 3 months to 17 years can get their hair cut. We hold a special place in our hearts and our salon for children with autism. We accommodate children with both hyper-sensitivities and hypo-sensitivities in numerous ways. First, we offer a separate space for children and their caretakers. For those children who are hypersensitive, this space offers the option of dimmed lights, the use of Incandescent versus fluorescent lighting, decreased noise, and a closed-door / high-walled area to block distracting sights and sounds. Our entire salon is able to accommodate by welcoming personal use of earplugs/headphones during the haircut, welcoming personal sunglasses to be worn during the haircut, the option to put up our folding screen to block distracting sights and sounds, suggesting the caregiver bring a larger size than what the child normally wears shirt (if your child does not feel comfortable wearing a cape), and we do not use perfumes, air fresheners, or highly scented cleaners/soaps in the salon. For those children coping with hyposensitivity, this space offers a smaller area where it may be safer for the child to move around (dance, hop, etc) and the option for your child to listen to their own music at a volume they prefer. Our entire salon will accommodate you and your child(ren) by welcoming visual aids to use during the appointment to help children who have difficulty processing spoken information, encourage sensory-stimulating toys, providing fidgets and other toys, offering the option of tv shows that the child enjoys, and welcoming the use of weighted blankets. To note, all items (earplugs, sunglasses, shirts, visual aids, toys, blankets, etc.) may be kept at the salon and ready for your child to use at each appointment. These items will be properly cleaned, stored in a labeled ziplock bag, and only used for your child. Kids need haircuts too- we are here to help!

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7470 Center Street
Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060
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