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UPDATED: March 20, 2019

New Horizon Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center uses equine assisted activities and therapies to serve individuals with cognitive, physical, social, emotional or learning disabilities, mental health challenges, and youth-at-risk. Each participant is challenged to grow through a fun, safe and therapeutic program. An individualized plan is created based on specific need, desired outcomes and which of the following programs has the most potential to provide personal growth and development.

PROGRAMS: Hippotherapy is a unique form of medical therapy performed one-on-one by a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist while the client is on the horse and is used typically for early intervention or for very physically dependent riders. The physical movement of the horse simulates the human gait and riding will stimulate and strengthen the rider’s body. The rhythmic movement of the horse aids the therapist in achieving medical treatment goals including improvements in core strength, balance, muscle tone and communication. Once these goals are met, a rider may transition to Therapeutic Riding.

Therapeutic Riding is supervised by a PATH Certified Riding Instructor and focuses on horsemanship and riding. Riders of varying abilities are able to achieve appropriate levels of independence in horsemanship and riding skills. The horse provides physical, mental and emotional stimulation that encourages individuals with disabilities to participate in recreation. The instructor provides opportunities for personal enrichment in areas such as social skills, communication, decision making, sequencing, responsibility, self-confidence, balance and strength. Cognitive improvements are encouraged as riders are asked to follow directions, cue their horse, play games, and learn basic horsemanship. Silver Saddles is a riding program designed to help senior adults maintain strength, range of motion, memory, cognitive function, lower stress hormones and keep them active and social to help combat the aging process.

Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy: Mending Fences – This client driven, mental health program is co-facilitated by an Equine Specialist (trained through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and a licensed mental health professional. Experiential learning and interactions with horses encourage trust, respect, leadership, partnership, communication and confidence. The experiential nature allows the client to open up on his/her own time frame to handle any mental health problems, concerns or issues he/she might face. This is very effective with a variety of issues including communication, interpersonal relationship skills, coping skills, anger management, substance abuse, eating disorders and many others. Sessions are designed to address each participant's needs and goals are established collaboratively by the client and treatment team.

Equine Assisted Learning: Giddy Up & Read – A literacy program, for struggling readers (grade K-3), teaches and reinforces fundamentals of reading through the combined elements of classroom learning, riding horses, basic horsemanship and reading to miniature horses. An early fundamental reading skill is introduced by a licensed teacher and opportunities to practice are creatively integrated into each element. Riding horses develops a child’s gross motor planning and helps the child be more ready to learn to read. By involving the fun, safe and relaxing atmosphere of the barn a child can reduce his/her stress level and learn to enjoy reading to the miniature horses, which carries over to home and school. IEP Integration – NHR has created a unique opportunity to existing therapeutic riding clients to
Enriching Lives through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies 1526 Vermont Rd, Rantoul, KS 66079 913.620.2788

PROGRAMS (continued):

incorporate goals from their Individual Education Plan (IEP) into the regular riding lesson. Parents are asked to provide NHR with their students IEP from their local school. This provides riders with an additional exposure to the skill and also a fun and experiential approach which will help the student better understand and retain the desired skill. Benefits are similar to Giddy Up & Read and activities are designed and chosen by the Educational Enrichment Director and are based on common goals for the individuals in each riding lesson. Character Education – This non-riding program, facilitated by an equine specialist (horse professional) and a licensed teacher, was intentionally developed to target youth-at-risk and those learners who struggle to remain engaged. Using the non-traditional setting of the ranch environment and engaging activities with the horses, a program is designed to offer students the opportunity to learn and practice a specific character skill each session. These kinesthetic activities help improve understanding of these abstract ideas and students are able to communicate how the specific skill can make them more effective students in school. Mini Lessons with Minis – This student-centered, non-riding, mobile program allows NHR to partner with local educators to create an engaging experiential program where the miniature horses visit the school to help students with specific academic or character skills, based on suggestions from the school staff. We believe that the opportunity to interact with the miniature horses while reinforcing an educational component will not only be fun and motivational but the kinesthetic learning approach will enable children to retain more information.

Summer Day Camp is a short-term integrated experience designed to provide campers with special needs and campers with typical needs the chance to bond with one another over their common love for horses. There are several different themed and ability options to meet the capabilities and interests of the different campers. In addition to learning basic horsemanship and riding skills, campers are encouraged to explore problem solving, communication, leadership skills and how to better relate to others (including those with different abilities) while developing positive perception of self and others.

COLT – Corporate Opportunities for Leadership and Teambuilding was developed to provide companies a unique form of staff development, training and team building while providing additional revenue to support the other NHR programs. This also allows the employees an opportunity to experience, first hand, the power of the interaction with the horse. As a result, they may choose to provide this valuable life changing work for others, either through volunteer service or through financial partnership with NHR.
Enriching Lives through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies 1526 Vermont Rd, Rantoul, KS 66079 913.620.2788

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