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UPDATED: November 19, 2019

Post Graduate Studies

Many students who have completed high school and intend to move onto college find themselves anxious and uncertain about taking that next big step. Eaton Academy’s Post Graduate Program is designed to ease those feelings and help students sharpen their academic skills as they prepare for the college experience.

Currently, we offer two options designed to improve students’ and families’ understanding of the individual’s college preparedness: College Exploratory Courses and ACCUPLACER Testing and Support.

College Exploratory Courses

A superior student-to-instructor ratio and college level course-work enable students to gauge their readiness for college. Similarly, evaluating how the post-graduate performs in these courses helps parents determine whether they should invest in further preparation for their post-grad or make the commitment for college in the near term.

Courses are offered 3:30-4:30 on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule and use appropriate curricular materials. They provide individualized attention and the opportunity to measure whether the post-grad can handle college level course-work. Students enroll in two courses per semester.

These exploratory classes are not-for-credit, so students may work in a low stress environment to improve their performance and test their abilities. Each semester runs for 15 weeks.

Highlights Of College Exploratory Courses

Maintains and improves academic skills
Prepares for college
Uses college materials
Provides small class size
Delivers Individual attention
Minimizes stress
Follows a structured schedule

Costs $3,000.00 per semester plus books

ACCUPLACER Testing And Support
The ACCUPLACER is a comprehensive battery of tests designed to help students determine which classes they are ready for at the college level. The ACCUPLACER is an important factor in determining an individual’s post-secondary education path. ACCUPLACER subject areas include reading comprehension, sentence structure, arithmetic, and elementary algebra. The assessments are untimed. Eaton Academy offers the Classic version of the ACCUPLACER Placement test, offered by the College Board.

In addition to administering the ACCUPLACER, Eaton Academy also offers tutorial prep sessions for students either before or after the assessment. Typically, we administer the assessment to determine where the student’s strengths and areas of concern lie. Then our instructors can work with students to enhance their knowledge and improve their scores. The testing fee is $60.00 with a per section re-test fee of $25.00.
Virtual testing is available as well at a rate of $50 per sitting.

Highlights Of ACCUPLACER Testing And Support
Small group or individual testing
Untimed and low stress testing environment
Personalized guidance through the process
Targeted instruction to improve scores and build confidence
Individual instruction sessions ($70.00 per hour)
Small group instruction ($50.00 per hour)

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