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UPDATED: November 19, 2019

LEAP is an innovative program designed for individuals who want to strengthen their overall life skills in order to achieve independence. Participants benefit from job readiness training, life skill development, and extensive social skill instruction. The goal of this program is to produce independent young adults by helping them improve their job-related, social/emotional, and communications skills.

LEAP fosters relationships with local businesses to help participants gain real-life job experience with the aim of obtaining employment upon completion of the program. LEAP evaluates participants’ specific skills and needs in order to help them create a plan for future success.

Along with on-the-job training, LEAP participants attend classes on a daily basis. The classes are experiential in nature. The high instructor-to-participant ratio allows personalized attention in the classroom and on the work sites. The following themes are explored in these classes and throughout LEAP.

Work experience
Social skills
Independent living
Transition Services

Transition Services is a next step for participants following their experience in the LEAP program.

It is intended for those interested in Eaton Academy’s apartment-based LIFE program.

Parents and participants will meet with the Transition Services Coordinator (TSC) to complete an initial assessment, discuss the current living situation, and decide whether Transition Services are appropriate. If it is decided that the program will be beneficial, an individualized plan will be created to help the participant develop the skills to achieve successful independence.

Transition Services will take place onsite twice a week for one month. Those receiving transition services will focus on a variety of areas necessary for them to become a candidate for the LIFE program, including:

Personal Finance
Money management is one of the core ingredients to successful independent living. If this is an area of concern for the individual, the Transition Services Coordinator will develop a system which brings awareness to spending habits, helps with budgeting, manages bill payments, and follows through with accountability.

Meal Planning & Cooking
Knowing how to plan nutritious meals, shop, and cook are all essential parts to living independently. The Transition Services Coordinator will emphasize concepts and also demonstrate how to prepare meals that would be appropriate for the Participant. Simple, healthy, and reasonably priced meals are encouraged and should lead to regular and sensible eating habits.

Household Cleaning & Laundry
Keeping up with household duties is necessary to becoming organized and a good housemate. The Transition Services Coordinator will assist the Participant in developing a cleaning/organization schedule to perform certain household tasks in their current living situation and follow up with them through home visits.

Personal Hygiene & Care
At times it may be necessary to address hygiene and personal care. Showering daily, combing hair, brushing teeth/flossing, shaving/trimming facial and body hair, and applying deodorant are all expected of our potential LIFE candidates. Independent medication management is vital for living independently, and the Transition Services Coordinator may assist in developing a system to ensure medications are taken as directed.

Transportation or Driving Preparation
Participants who need help navigating public transportation, such as Uber or Marta, will work with the Transition Services Coordinator to learn the system, read MARTA bus and rail schedules, and use the MARTA To-Go App or the Uber app. Discussions will also cover the importance of safety when using these methods of transport. Some participants may want to work towards obtaining their driver’s permits and may need guidance preparing for the written test. The Transition Services Coordinator does not assist with driving practice.

Social Planning
The Transition Services Coordinator will assist in promoting social interactions and health and wellness events with the Participant. The Transition Services Coordinator will encourage the creation of group plans with other LIFE and LEAP participants. The focus will be on how to make friends, how to foster healthy relationships, and how to keep friends. Transition Services participants are invited and encouraged to attend LIFE program socials.

The cost associated with Transition Services is $1,500.00 per month, for sessions delivered twice-weekly in a small group setting. Depending on the progress of the Participant, more than one month of Transition Services may be needed prior to consideration for the LIFE program.

Live Independently…Foster Employment

LIFE is designed for participants to live independently while receiving support. Individuals will strengthen their independent living skills, develop job skills, and gain the confidence to help them become a part of their community. Candidates have successfully completed Transition Counseling and have been recommended to join the LIFE program where they can apply what they have learned. Residents share an apartment with other participants in the program. The apartment complex is located close to Eaton Academy, within walking distance to MARTA bus stops, shopping, dining and entertainment. Once enrolled, LIFE residents receive guidance and coaching to assist them in implementing their customized personal life plan. The program consists of stages in which growth is encouraged, measured, and monitored. Through instruction, training, and counseling, residents gain confidence and self-esteem throughout the duration of the program.

There are two elements to the LIFE program:

Transition Services and LIFE Coaching

LIFE Coaching
Admittance into the LIFE program takes place once the individual has completed Transition Counseling and demonstrated the motivation and skills necessary to live independently with assistance and support of a LIFE Coach. Residents receive guidance and coaching on a regularly scheduled basis to assist them in implementing their customized life plan. The LIFE director and staff will provide feedback to parents and will monitor progress within the program. Through instruction, training, and counseling, residents gain confidence and self-esteem throughout the duration of the program.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment services are available for individuals who:

Have attended LEAP
Are ready to obtain employment in the community
Have an open case through the appropriate state agency
An Eaton Academy staff member who specializes in Supported Employment will assist participants with elements of the employment process such as:

Resume preparation
Completion of applications
Interview preparation and assistance
On-the-job support

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