Commonwealth Autism Services

UPDATED: February 10, 2022

Commonwealth Autism Services is an agency dedicated to supporting individuals with autism and their families by providing autism-related supports and services. These services include ABA services, Home Safety Assessment and RBT Trainings for school districts.

Home Safety Assessments
For an individual with autism, safety risks can be magnified due to limited situational awareness, communication deficits, sensory issues, and fixations on specific items. Commonwealth Autism Services provides home safety assessments to identify environmental and safety modifications that can be made in the home to decrease those risk. Commonwealth Autism Services will meet with you virtually to learn about your child, assess your home, identify the known and potential hazards, and offer solutions to decrease the risk posed by those hazards. Following the virtual conversation and a video inspection of the area, CAS provides a written report with home safeguarding recommendations and safety product suggestions.

ABA Services
Commonwealth Autism Services provides highly individualized ABA services and social skills groups for individuals with autism spectrum disorder living in Massachusetts. Our programs are implemented in the clients’ everyday environment through in-home services in the home, community, and through telehealth services. Our goal is to help individuals increase their independence with skills including activities of daily living, social and communication while decreasing challenging behaviors. Each client is assigned a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that develops a comprehensive treatment program and provides ongoing supervision and oversight. Programs are implemented by certified Behavior Technicians to ensure the highest quality of services.

RBT Training for School Districts
Commonwealth Autism Services provides training to the school district’s Behavior Techs (BT) to qualify and prepare them to test to become Certified Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBT). Our training program brings the process to the district to elevate the district’s services to the next level. Through this partnership, district BTs complete an intensive 40-hour online training program, receive in-person trainings, and are assessed according to the BACB requirements. Staff are then qualified to sit for the RBT certification test.

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Commonwealth Autism Services
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