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UPDATED: August 8, 2022

Most commonly, we help adults and children struggling in one or more of these areas:
• Struggle with reading fluency, reading comprehension, organizing information, or higher level math concepts
• Traditional sensory input or integration challenges
• Need support in focusing or concentrating on information being taught or spoken to them (auditory directions or information)
• Experience difficulty with impulse, processing emotions, reasoning skills
• Need help recovering from past trauma (PTSD), head trauma or concussions, or those who have sleep issues
• Want to improve their coordination further or enhance their sports and athletic abilities
• Struggle to make social connections and express emotions with ease

We do this by activating three sensory systems at the same time, in a sensory-rich environment. It is not brain-training or cognitive therapy! In fact, the program sessions are simple for an individual, yet challenge the brain to create new neural pathways. Years of research have shown that when using multiple modalities in a program at once, there is more response and improvement that takes place for an individual. The work we do at brainvive is on a foundational level - helping to organize the raw data coming in (sensory perception) so that the brain can perceive and then process the information in a more efficient way. If the sensory perception isn’t optimized, it's very hard to "discipline", "train", "tutor" , "focus" or "correct" an individual.

Most common results reported from parents or clients after the brainvive program:
• Learning abilities increased
• Anxiety, social connection improvements
• Processing time enhanced
• Increased awareness, attention and focus
• Speech improvements
• Memory and mental clarity
• Executive function increase - a natural result of this multi-sensory program (some elect to do the program for optimizing)
• Ability to process emotions and past triggers
• Reading with greater ease, speed, retention
• Improved handwriting, no longer flipping letters

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Chris Toews

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