Annapolis Children's Therapy Center


UPDATED: July 31, 2019

Annapolis Children's Therapy Center is a group of expert pediatric therapists committed to providing evidenced based, individualized therapeutic interventions to build a solid foundation for growth and development. We believe that each child and family is unique and our intervention programs need to meet the needs of each and every family. Individual programs are established as a team with the child, family, and therapists. We embrace collaboration with other service providers, schools, physicians, coaches, and community members who all have an impact on the growth and development of the children we work with.

Speech Therapy: Our talented team of speech pathologists identify and treat children and adolescents with receptive and expressive language disorders. We help improve their articulation, communications, social skills, auditory and language processing. Our individualized approach focuses on a treatment plan specific to each child or adolescent. We will work with parents, pediatricians, and anyone else who is part of the team supporting your child and helping them succeed.

Occupational Therapy: Our dedicated occupational therapists identify and treat children and adolescents who struggle with everyday skills and foundational development skills. The individualized treatment can include refining sensory processing, motor skills, behavior modification, hand/eye coordination, feeding intervention and more. We address these challenges head on and implement treatment through play and activities to engage your child.

Physical Therapy:Our committed physical therapists identify and treat children and adolescents experiencing difficulty with overall motor skills. This includes: posture, movement, gait/walking, and more. Through exercises and activities specified to your child's needs, we will work to improve their motor skills. Physical therapy is especially beneficial for children with developmental delays, genetic disorders, neuromuscular disorders, and neurological disorders.

Other Services: CST, Game Club, Movie Nights, Social Skills Clubs, Hippotherapy, Kayaking and Much more!

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Annapolis Children's Therapy Center
1911 Lincoln Drive
Annnapolis, MD 21401
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