Meet Bridget L.

Bridget loves spending time with her family and being silly

Bridget L., 10

“Bridget is the pure heart of our family,” says Larry of his 10-year-old daughter.


Whenever there’s a disagreement among Bridget, her twin, Brooke and older brother, Aiden, “we always know that Bridget did not start it,” says Larry with a smile.

Bridget enjoys math and playing games with Brooke and is currently obsessed with crayons and colored pencils, says mom, Phoebe.

When Bridget was a toddler Phoebe noticed that not only was Bridget falling behind her twin, she often “put her fingers in her ears,” which Phoebe recognized as a sign of sensory sensitivity. An evaluation led to an autism diagnosis when Bridget was 3.

Larry and Phoebe moved the family from Nashville to New York to get more extensive services for Bridget—this type of move is common among families affected by autism—and the additional services have paid off.

Bridget’s parents say she’s become an avid swimmer, has made tremendous progress in speech therapy and now loves to sing.  Phoebe hopes that Bridget will one day be able to live independently and says that she knows that Bridget’s siblings will always be there to help her.

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