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Vivint Gives Back Foundation, enhancing the lives of children with intellectual disabilities through simple, intelligent products and services delivered by people who care, is in their second full year of partnership with Autism Speaks. As part of their Vivint Gives Back Award Program they will donate and install a state of the art home smart technology package in 16 homes of families with children with autism and group homes across the US. The families receiving the awards were selected from a group of volunteers in each Autism Speaks chapter. Vivint Gives Back is also a proud supporter of 10 Autism Speaks Walk events across the U.S.. Vivint Gives Back has been designated as a National Safety Partner of Autism Speaks through their generous support. Thank you Vivint, we could not have a better partner to help safeguard our mission!



Total Contributions to Autism Speaks: $150,000
Partner Since: 2015
2016 Campaign:  Employee Giving Program
Campaign Duration: 2015
2016 Contribution: $150,000

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