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Gap, Inc.

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Gap, Inc.
Helping to “Close the GAP on Autism” since 2011, eastern region GAP employees have raised approximately $600,000 for Autism Speaks through in-store awareness tables and puzzle piece fundraising.

Inspired by their East Coast General Manager, a mother of two boys with autism, to do more than raise funds, our amazing GAP Heroes work closely with Autism Speaks service providers to host a ‘Career Day’ in select stores and spotlight the need for businesses to provide training and employment opportunities for individuals on the spectrum. In addition, some locations hold “job shadow” days where they let individuals on the spectrum really see what it takes to be a GAP employee.  Participants have a great day greeting customers, dressing manikins and working in the back room.  We love the enthusiasm and spirit of our GAP friends and thank them for making a real difference in the lives of individuals with autism!


Total Contributions to Autism Speaks: $600,000
Partner Since:  2011
2015 Campaign:  Close the Gap
Campaign Duration: 3-day Weekend in September
2015 Campaign Contribution: $100,000

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