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$100,000—$499,000 Donated Annually


Autism Speaks welcomes French’s Mustard as a new partner for 2015. The world’s leading brand of mustard, French’s has been bringing great flavor to people for more than 100 years.  French’s Mustard has developed a spring 2015 campaign that encourages customers to click on a QR code on a specially designed ‘blue and yellow’ autism awareness bottle of mustard in restaurants nationwide. French’s Mustard will contribute $1 per click to Autism Speaks, with a goal of reaching $100,000.  Thanks to French’s Mustard for their generous support of Autism Speaks to advocate for children and families affected by autism. Welcome aboard!
Partner Since: New this year!
2015 Campaign:  Yellow & Blue & You
Campaign Duration: March-May
2015 Contribution: $100,000


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