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Founder's Circle

Founded in 1979, Activision is the first American independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles. Today, Activision is one of the largest third party video game publishers in the world and was also the top publisher for 2007 in the United States. Activision believes that great games start with great people and we certainly agree that Activision employees are some of the best!   As a new 2016 Autism Speaks corporate partner, Activision staff rallied behind the creation of 4 new Cobranded Skylanders toys and donated $100,000 in support of the autism community.  With a philosophy of shared dedication and mutual respect, Activision held fundraisers and awareness events throughout their offices and raised an additional $16,000 in employee contributions. These contributions were 100% matched by the company!

Total Contributions to Autism Speaks: $132,000
Partner Since: 2016
2016 Campaign:  Skylanders Power Blue Figures
Campaign Duration:  March 2016
Campaign Goal: $100,000

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