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Hacking Autism – Using Technology to Give People with Autism a Voice

When touch-enabled computing was introduced to the world, no one could have anticipated that this technology might help open up a new world of communication, learning and social possibilities for autistic children. Yet it has.
Hacking Autism is a story of technology and hope and the difference it’s making in the lives of some people who need it most.
Hacking Autism doesn’t seek to cure autism, but rather it aims to facilitate and accelerate technology-based ideas to help give those with autism a voice.

Share Your Idea
If you could design a touch-enabled software application for the autism community, what would it be? Maybe it’s a game or a learning tool or even something that could assist caregivers. We want your ideas.
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HP has teamed up with Autism Speaks and the Flutie Foundation with its Hacking Autism initiative, and now offers special pricing to the autism community. Sign up here to take advantage of these great deals – and read more to get your special coupon code.
Once you register, you can receive an additional $50 off any pre-built TouchSmart PC by entering DTTM2937 at check out! Click here for terms and conditions.