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Autism in the News – 08.08.11

Has Susan Greenfield been misrepresented? (UK)
As critics from Dorothy Bishop to Carl Zimmer line up against Susan Greenfield’s comments on autism, the Baroness argues that she has been misrepresented. Is she right? Read more.
Hometown Heroes: Pleasanton couple tireless in battling autism (Pleasanton, Calif.)
The kitchen cabinet confirmed Cindy Everson’s intuition that her youngest son, Joe, was autistic. Read more.
Autism Awareness on the Rise (Manassas Park Patch)
There are a lot of medical mysteries in the world.  Despite advances in science and research, we’re still missing a lot of answers and one of the biggest mysteries surrounds autism.  Read more.
Missing Autistic Boy Found Safe (Columbia, Tenn.)
A 9-year-old boy with autism wandered away from home Sunday afternoon and sparked a full-blown search by law enforcement and volunteers alike. Read more.
More than a girl’s best friend (The News Tribune)
In December 2009, Isabel was diagnosed with autism, and her childhood changed. She needs help feeling comfortable around other people, and she needs to be kept safe when she’s in public because cars often startle her and send her running into the road. Her mother has found a solution: a service dog trained to help kids with autism. Read more.