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Autism in the News – 2.22.12

Expression and Attention in Shriver Center Autism Research Studies (Disability Info)
Over the past month in our 4-part series “Getting Involved in Shriver Center Research,” a common theme has emerged — the notion of “giving back.”  For Joyce, the mother of a 16-year-old daughter with Asperger Syndrome (AS), giving back influenced her decision to enroll her daughter in “Express Yourself” (EY) and “Look Who’s Talking” (LWT), two studies on expression and attention in teens with AS and high functioning autism (HFA). In addition, the “Detection Study” and “Focus of Attention” are two more great studies that explore attention and autism in children and teens. Read more.

Autism Detection Is Delayed in Minorities (Psych Central)
A new study suggests the symptoms of autism in toddlers from a minority background are more significant than those noted in age-equivalent Caucasian children. Read more.
Autism Awareness art show to feature talent, provide resources (Iowa City, Iowa)
Lisa Burns’ son, Peyton, has hundreds of characteristics. He funny, he’s sweet. He’s silly, he’s naughty. “He’s all of these things, but the minute you say ‘autism,’ that’s all people see,” Burns says. Read more.
Parents of autistic children give the thumbs-up to new course (Halifax Courier)
Parents of children with autism were given a helping hand on an innovative new course in Calderdale. Read more.
Police question brother in shooting of autistic boy, 14 (Chicago Sun-Times)
A 14-year-old boy was shot to death on the South Side Tuesday afternoon, and investigators were questioning one of his brothers, police said. Read more.

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