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Autism in the News – 12.26.11

Navigating Love and Autism (The New York Times)
The first night they slept entwined on his futon, Jack Robison, 19, who had since childhood thought of himself as “not like the other humans,” regarded Kirsten Lindsmith with undisguised tenderness. Read more.
Philadelphia Practice Flight Helps Autistic Kids Fly (NPR)
Air travel horror stories typically involve lost luggage, missed connections and overzealous security staff. But families affected by autism face other challenges in navigating airports and planes. Read more.
Fundraising with autism support (Australia)
With his star rising in the music world, Doug Edwards was forced to make a decision: trade in his guitar to better support his autistic daughter, or hang onto it. Read more.
Autistic third-grader put into a duffel bag by school officials, mom says (The New York Daily News)
The Kentucky mother of an autistic third-grader said she found him outside his classroom stuffed in a duffel bag with the drawstring pulled tight — because he misbehaved. Read more.
Autism hope (Canada)
My son, who was diagnosed with autism nine months ago, is being medically treated for an immune-mediated encephalopathy, instead of autism. His recovery, from what is supposed to be a permanent disorder, is nothing short of remarkable. Read more.