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Autism in the News – 12.21.11

Autism-friendly Santas A Hit At Malls, Parties (Hartford, Conn.)
Visiting the mall to share Christmas wishes with Santa has never been part of Ben Borre’s childhood, a sad but necessary concession to the autism that would make the noise, lights and crowds an unbearable torment for the 10-year-old. Read more.
Editorial: People with autism can now access special services at Eden’s new headquarters in Central Jersey (
This month, Eden Autism Services officially opened the doors to its national headquarters and school in Plainsboro. Read more.
Autism Rates Have Spiked, But Why? (NPR)
According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly one percent of U.S. children have some form of autism, 20 times higher than the rate in the 1980s. Alan Zarembo of The Los Angeles Times and clinical psychologist Catherine Lord discuss what’s behind the growing number of diagnoses. Read more.
Does your child show signs of autism? (
The Child Early Intervention Medical Center in Dubai organized a three-day “Autism Around The World Conference,” from Dec. 8 to 10, to educate and instruct parents and teachers on how to deal with autistic children. As for parents, there were a number of lectures and workshops focusing on diet for autistic children, how to make your house a safe zone for your autistic child, and most importantly, how to detect early signs of the disorder. Read more.
Learning to fly: Program offers practice opportunity for kids with autism 9 (News Works)
Air travel horror stories typically involve lost luggage, missed connections and overzealous security. But families affected by autism face other challenges in navigating airports and planes. Read more.