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An Employment Story

BJ is a young man who is affiliated with Ken’s Krew, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, is to provide vocational training and job placement services to young adults with intellectual and learning disabilities who are transitioning into the workforce.
My name is B.J. Ivey I am 29 years old and have been with the home depot and Ken’s Krew for 9 years you can tell how old I am by how many years I have been working at the home depot. I was first introduced to Ken’s Krew back in 2001-2002 when it was still called Ken’s Kids I was at CAT Pickering trying to take some more machine shop training that was the tech area that I was in when I was in 9th grade. But it didn’t work out the teacher quit 5 days before the start of school. So I tried carpentry but I wasn’t good so then I went to electronics and that fit me well as I was doing my extra learning I tried to get help with going to college and there was one in Vermont that was geared towards kids with learning disabilities but they said that I didn’t have the kind they mostly teach with which was dyslexia.
I didn’t know what to do so one of the teachers found Ken’s Krew and called them up and that’s how I met Debbie I am working at the Frazer home depot as the pro loader meaning I help out with the contractors mostly loading cement, drywall, and lumber. I was chosen as a co captain for the project at a school for kids like me it felt good to be a leader and while I was there I saw my old boss our project was to build a deer fence around the green house we put in posts filled them with cement and then wrapped deer block ours was probably the longest project because while we were working almost everyone else was done and yes I had fun working with everyone.
While I am working at the home depot I hope to try and become an anime writer I have some stories written out and I want to find a producer that will help me I am saying this because when I went to a school for the disabled there was a kid who owned his own business I was surprised by that thinking his type of disability would hold him back. I am enjoying working at the home depot and I might be there for a while longer.