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Family Services Office Hours – 09.28.11

Office Hours easily connects families to a wide variety of autism-related resources, including Family Services Tool Kits, and the Autism Speaks Resource Guide, an online national database of autism providers and resources searchable by state and zip code.
Family Services Office Hours is designed to quickly provide access to resources that are available and free to the entire autism community.
The Office Hours sessions are staffed by ART coordinators who are specially trained to connect families affected by autism to resources.



Welcome to Family Services Office Hours! We are here today to answer any questions you might have and help connect you to resources. Let us know how we can help!



Comment From Kelly
Hi, I have a 9 year old son that I believe has aspergers. His current official diagnosis is ADHD but he has so many other symptoms. Cincinnati Children’s assessed him several years ago and told us that he was bi-polar. I’d really like to know someplace that I can take him for a full eval. Can you help?



Hi Kelly! The Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism Tool Kit will be helpful to you. It contains lots of helpful information and resources!






In addition, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is now an Autism Treatment Network site. Here is the contact information: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati, OH)
Contact: Terry Mitchell
Phone: (513) 636-1665



Comment From renaye
I am having a difficult time finding a speech therapist for my grandson who is nonverbal .. none of them take medicaid and there is a waiting list for the one that does.. what do I do.. He is 11 non verbal and we want him to use tap to talk or some assisted device



Hi Renaye! We have a very extensive resource guide on our website that contains lots of speech therapists. You may want to try contacting others in your area to see if they take Medicaid./resource-guide



If you’re not having any luck through Medicaid, you should also ask the school district for your grandson to be evaluated for his speech and language needs which can be included in the IEP guide. Check it out here! /what-autism/your-childs-rights



Comment From Kimberly Rossi
Hello I was looking to find out where I can get information to help a friend of mine a 26 year old male with autism information about dating. He has a belief that “normal” girls won’t date him because he has autism. He says that he wants to date “normal” girls not those with autism. I’m not sure how to help him he refuses to go to any local mixers that happen in the area. Any suggestions?



Hi Kimberly! We also have a Resource Library with lots of general resources. We have 2 different pages you may want to check out, our Asperger Syndrome page, as well as our Adults and Young Adults page. There are tons of helpful resources there.









Comment From renaye
we live in indiana,,, northwest part of the state



Hi Renaye, I still thiink you will want to call Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati, OH), and ask if they know of an expert in your local comunity.



For everyone else out there, we have lots of different resources in our Resource Library that cover a wide range of topics, like toys and games, autism apps, magazines, books and much much more!






Comment From Guest
I looking for feeding therapy in Illinois south of Springfield.



Hi Guest! Thanks for joining us. I suggest you search our Resource Guide. We have a category for Diet/Nutrition in there. If that doesn’t help you, I would contact your pediatrician, he or she may have some recommendations for you./resource-guide



Be sure to consult with your pediatrician, this is a medical issue that requires a team approach.



Comment From Jack Dawson
Hi There! I was wondering when the Family Support Tool Kits are being released? Your Tool Kits have SAVED my family!



Jack we’re SO happy to hear our Tool Kits have been helpful to you! That’s what we’re here for!



Hi Jack- Family Services relased A Granparent’s Guide to Autism last week. We will release Parents, Sibllings and Freinds in the next few weeks.The Tool Kits are specially designed to help with the emotional and support reactions to having a child diagnosised with autism.



All of the Family Services Too kits can be found at;



Comment From meta kane
I need a school for my son who has autism. My son has a photographic memory.



Hi Meta: You can look in our Resource guide for Private Schools. If you are interested in public school, that is something you will have to work with your IEP team in making an determination of public schools that are available.



Comment From Dana
I’m wondering if there is a Dallas-area toolkit for the Dental community? Or if there is a group specializing in the ASD population? My stepdaughter has Asperger’s Syndrome.



Hi Dana! We have a great Dental Tool Kit on our website. It has information and helpful tips for families AND dentists. It also has helpful videos. You can see our Dental guide here:/family-services/tool-kits/dental-tool-kit.



We also have dentists in our Resource Guide that specialize in treating individuals with special needs including autism. Click on your state, then the category Dentists and you can search by your zip code. I hope you find a great one!



Comment From Mari
I live in California and my son is a Jr. in high school. He has not been able to pass the Ca exit exam. What happens next? We would love for him graduate with a diploma and not a certficate.



Hi Mari- I am going to recommend you request a Transition Tool Kit – a special kit for families whose child are transitioning into adulthood. /family-services 
As far as your son not passing the exit exam, I would recommend you call an IEP meeting in order to specifically address this issue. Our IEP guideline will be a great resource to check out. /family-services 



Comment From Jennifer
My 4 year old was diagnosed with Autism and is in a special needs pre-k. I”m trying to find help with the state laws that are associated with Special Needs Classes. Regarding class sizes, full days/ half days…ect…



Hi Jennifer! We have lots of information about eduation laws in our IEP Guide. You can read our IEP Guide that was written by a professional team of lawyers on our Your Child’s Rights page:/what-autism/your-childs-rights. You can also search our Resource Guide for other preschools in your area.



Comment From Dana
Your IEP guide is invaluable! We did our first IEP last week, and knew how to advocate for our daughter with Aspergers. Thanks to your site, we were able to include both speech therapy *and* counseling in her IEP, as well as ensuring her caregivers had Autism certifications.



Thanks Dana! I’m so happy that was helpful to you and your family. We have gotten some great feedback!



Comment From Mari
Do you anything about a waiver in Ca?



HI Mari, you can check with your Regional Center. They should be helpful about how to obtain a MediCal waiver. Its great that you are investigating a waiver while your son is making his transition to Adulthood.



Comment From Catherine Ritter
My family needs a good counselor for helping us cope with our eleven year olds AS/OCD. It has been extremely difficult dealing with the anxiety meltdowns that turn violent and destructive. He has a good pshychologist already. Our eight and four year are having a hard time with their brothers behaviors. It is really bad and we are looking into temporary placement outside of our home for him. It is hard to find doctors who can counsel in relations to the spectrum. Any suggestions?



Hi Catherine. I suggest you look to you discuss this with your pediatrician to see if he/she can make a referral to a counselor. You can also search our Resource Guide for psychologists/other professionals in your area who may be able to It is important to make sure this counselor has experience with autism. But those are 2 great places to start!



Keep an eye out for a Sibling Tool Kit we are working on that will come out in October. We also have books for Siblings in our Resource Library which you can see here:/family-services/resource-library/books#siblings



For those of you making comments about issues at school or education-related problems, definitely check out our IEP guide here /family-services/community-connections/back-to-school



Parent involvement is very important in the IEP process and your child’s education. Make sure you advocate for your child’s rights even though the process may be difficult!



Comment From Thereasa
My 6yo daughter was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. Do you have information that is easy to explain to my family so they understand what that means? They tend to be rather anti psychobabble and will not accept this diagnosis.



Hi Thereasa! First off, I suggest you order our Asperger Syndrome/High-Functionig Autism Tool Kit, which we send out for free to families of recently diagnosed children./family-services/tool-kits/asperger-syndrome-and-high-functioning-autism-tool-kit



We have family tool kits coming out, but it is normal for different family members to respond differently to the diagnosis. It can take some people longer than others to accept it. I suggest you point families to our website information. We’ve suggested that better understanding can lead to more support for you and your family.



Comment From Catherine Ritter
Our pediatrician does not know of one. I already spoke with him last week. ?? I feel so overwhelmed and stressed, because my family is struggling.



Catherine, I am so sorry to hear you are struggling. Feel free to call our Autism Response Team at 888-AUTISM2 or email us at so we can help you.



It may help you to connect with other parents either through support groups or your child’s school. We don’t want you to feel alone. Sharing your feelings with others going through similar times can be extremely helpful.



Comment From Mari
Thank you soo much for all the help! Have a Wonderful Day!



Thanks Mari, we are so happy to help! Hope to see you back next week!



Comment From Willmom
We have noticed that our 4 year old ASD son is becoming much more stubborn. He is melting down with every no any suggestions?



Hello Willmom – I am glad you are asking tis question. Its important to understand and have a plan of action when children are having new behaviors.



You will want to work with a professional, preferably a behavior analyst who is an expert on understating behavior



Our resource guide has a catogory called ABA, take a look!



Comment From michelle
when our son was that age willmom, we found previewing situations that would have no answers helped. such as we are going to the grocery and there will be things that I am going to say no to. you can get 1 thing, if you do not melt down. (of course all of this is in 4 yr old language) it helped some. didn’t get rid of all them..still had some store meltdowns



Thank you Michelle! It is so nice to see moms and other parents talking to each other and sharing stories. That is one of the best ways to get support, by sharing information with others who may be going through similar experiences. As many of you know, there are constant chats happening on our Facebook page and lots of parents have been able to connect and help each other!



Comment From Willmom
Also, our 4 year old son (ASD) is having a very hard time with potty training. Any suggestions?



Comment From Willmom
Thanks for suggestions



Comment From Willmom
Michelle, Thanks for reaching out!



Hi Willmom. There are 2 books that have been submitted to our Resource Library that have been helpful to families who are having difficulty with potty training. Here are the 2 links:



Comment From Jeni
Willmom – the Book Love and Logic help my family tremendously in dealing with my son’s tantrums when he was your son’s age. We also had a 1:1 ABA therapist that would go to the store with us and help guide me through the situation.





The Autism Treatment Network is working on a toilet training tool kit that they hope to have out soon. So keep checking back to our Family Services page for its release date!



Comment From Ashley
I was just wondering if there has been any link in genetic disorders and autism? I’m asking because I have two boys who have mutated “X” chromosomes, and as a result they have “symptoms of autism” they cannot say for sure that’s what it is, but that’s what everyone thinks it is. It was passed on to them through me (I have the exact same genetic make-up) and I am afraid my daughter will have to too (already had her tested, just waiting for the test results). Thanks for your time!



Hi Ashley! That is a great question, but I’m sure you would get a better answer from our Science team. You may want to check out Alycia Halladay’s live chat on siblings and genetics here:



Our science team would be happy to answer your questions They are very helpful!



or you can try for more specific research-related questions.



Comment From Gayle
My grandson lives in NC and has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, adhd and I’m not sure of anything else. He takes medications that are costly and also sees a psychologist for dealing with anger issues. He is 7 years old and does well in school and most of his meltdowns are at home. His parents are separated and my daughter is the sole source of financial support. Are you aware of any no- or low-cost services in NC to assist with his medical costs? My daughter has health insurance but the psychologist specializing in children with autism is out of network and the insurance pays very little. My daughter has to pay more than $135/week for the therapy session and his meds are not in the range of what she can afford. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.



Hi Gayle: You are correct to investigate financial recourses for families. Is your grandson receiving a Home and Community Based waiver? If not, this is the first step you want to take.






There are so many stressors that family’s face, and financial issues are one of the primary ones that we see in families of children with special needs. There are potential sources of aid…. many of them depend on the state in which you’re living. Many of the services in some of the states are provided for through state agencies.
Through medical insurance if you have a willing physician, you can sometimes get funded for ancillary services that might be covered by your own insurance policy, or through Medicaid, especially if your child has other medical diagnoses such as seizures, GI problems, or special dietary needs. So my recommendation is to mine the services available in your community for funding, and don’t forget about medical insurance. Through medical insurance if you have a willing physician, you can sometimes get funded for ancillary services that might be covered by your own insurance policy, or through Medicaid, especially if your child has other medical diagnoses such as seizures, GI problems, or special dietary needs. Once you know where all your sources of funding might be, then take a critical look at your treatment plan that is required for your child, and see how each element might be covered by each of these resources to put together the most robust treatment plan for your child possible.



Comment From Guest
hi, i have an 8 year old boy, who has asd and adhd. We have just had our 6 year old duaghter accepted to be screened for autism. shes very intellegent and we feel shows signs of adhd and ocd too. she saves up all her anger, and behaviours for us at home, and we are told, does as she is asked in school! soo frustrating! ive read alot about high functioning girls disgusing their behaviours etc in school, then letting all come out at home.



Hi guest! This is a very common problem reported by parents. We recommend that there by close communication between you and the teacher so you can learn about what the school is doing to get the success they have. Communication is everything when trying to raise a child who may have autism. Remember, this won’t be easy because the school environment is so structured, but it does help to have this information so you can learn from their success.



These issues should also be brought up in the IEP team meeting. The teachers/school professionals should have lots of information for you. It is great when teachers and parents are on the same page.



Thank you everyone for joining us today!! We weren’t able to answer everyone’s questions but I hope all of the participants learned a lot from the questions that we did answer. As always, feel free to call our ART team with questions at 888-AUTISM2. See you next week!!