Watch the #AutismIs PSA

September 20, 2018

What you see if often just a piece of the full picture. Perception can be misleading and the truth is a spectrum of experience -- inner, outer, spoken, and unsaid. This isn’t just true for people with autism. It’s true for everyone, everywhere. We’ve all felt the sting of being misjudged by how we appear, rather than seen for who we are. Everyone wants to be understood. In order for that to happen, we have to start looking at the full picture.

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This campaign was developed and produced pro bono by JWalk creative agency.


- Founder: Doug Jacob

- Founder: Michael Lastoria

- Partner, Design director: Geoff Dunne

- Art director: Ellen Yoon

- Senior Account Director: Raphael Bouquillon

- Assistant Account Executive: Jenny Zhu

- Director, Brand strategy & copy: Genevieve Leon

- Copywriter: Corinne Lee

- Managing Director, production: Lindsay Hill

- Producer: Kristen Beecy

- Manager, Digital & Social: Samantha Conley

Production Team:

- Director: Will Stevens

- Director of photography: Phil Babich

- Producer: Andrea Mitchell

- Production Assistant: Yasmin Ali

- Photographer: Sioux Nesi

- 1st AC: Bill Kotsatos

- Wardrobe stylist: Liz Cresci


- Video Editor: Jack Wilson

Music Credit:

- Never Give Up by Fearless Motivatio

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