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A to Z: Small Business Town Halls Visit Arizona

October 01, 2013

Autism Speaks hosted another successful Small Business Town Hall on Monday night - this time in Scottsdale, Arizona. In front of more than 50 participants, 3 businesses that successfully employ individuals with autism were featured: Extraordinary Ventures (of Chapel Hill, NC), Beneficial Beans Café (of Phoenix, AZ) and nonPareil Institute (of Plano, TX). Several additional local Arizona businesses that employ workers with autism were also able to highlight how their organizations got started and describe their visions to the audience. The group was engaged and interactive with each other on how they could help each other’s businesses.

We were very fortunate that one woman from Boston who was visiting Arizona read about the Town Hall in USA Today. She participated in Monday night's meeting, and now plans to attend the Town Hall in November at Fenway Park in Boston as well! We also heard from two wonderful parents from as far away as Arkansas - yes, from Arkansas! With the commitment and passion that was in this room on Monday night, there is no telling how far and wide these employment initiatives can reach!

Autism Speaks looks forward to hosting six more Small Business Town Halls this Fall, including one in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Oct. 2! Please click here to find out if we are visiting a city near you. There much more to learn!

These Small Business Town Halls are part of an Autism Speaks initiative, “Advancing the Role and Impact of Small Businesses in Employing Adults with Autism,” funded by a generous grant from the Ireland Family Foundation.

[slideshow:2, order=top, width=600, height=480, img=| /sites/default/files/images/events/az_photo_1.jpg||| Van Hatchell, Managing Director of Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill, NC, describes the unique model used by that nonprofit venture organization to Town Hall participants in Scottsdale, AZ. ||, img=| /sites/default/files/images/events/az_photo_2.jpg||| Amy Hummell, Senior Director, and Mary Ellen Brown, Field & Chapter Development for Autism Speaks in Arizona help host the Town Hall in Scottsdale. ||, img=| /sites/default/files/images/events/az_photo_3.jpg||| Van Hatchell and Gregg Ireland of Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill, NC, mingle with the audience before the Small Business Town Hall in Scottsdale, AZ. ||,]