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Young Adults With Autism Seek Out White-Collar Careers For First Time

September 27, 2012

Matthew Koenisg, 24, was working in a data entry position in St. Paul, Minnesota making below minimum wage at a supervised employment center for people with disabilities.

Koenig, is is affected by autism, was happy to have a job despite the tough economic time, but knew this wasn't the right employment fit.

Koenig says, employees were graded using "a time study to measure efficiency," he said, "but the nature of my disability means I lack certain kinds of motor skills, so I can't type as quickly as other people."

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In this article from The Huffington Post, Peter Bell, EVP of Programs & Services at Autism Speaks, comments on the changing landscape of employment opportunities available to adults with autism. Stay tuned for the October release of the Executive Summary from the Autism Speaks Employment Think Tank.

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