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Calls to Action

World Autism Awareness Day Marked in Washington, DC

April 03, 2008

On World Autism Awareness Day, Autism Speaks Board member Ann Gibbons, center, spoke at a press conference held by Congressmen Mike Doyle (D-Penn), left, and Chris Smith (R-NJ), right, regarding the Global Autism Advancement Act of 2008 and the (House) Expanding the Promise of Individuals With Autism Act of 2007.

Also in Washington DC, FOX5 News to interviewed Autism Speaks volunteer Joe Galli and Dr. Valerie Hu of George Washington University about World Autism Awareness Day and the importance of awareness. The interview took place in a Toys "R" Us store, where manager Larry Fisher discussed the company's "10 Toys that Speak to Autism." Click here to view the segment.