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Wolf Family Presented with Thanks a Million Award at Chicago Auto Show's First Look for Charity Event

September 06, 2007

Cure Autism Now supporters from across the country gathered at the Chicago Auto Show's First Look for Charity on Feb. 8 to raise funds for autism research and awareness. Thanks to the substantial efforts of Dan and Penny Wolf, the entire Wolf family, and the incredible committee, the event has raised close to $1 million for CAN over the last six years. Guests had the opportunity to support CAN and get an early look at the beautiful cars displayed at the Chicago Auto Show.

Award Presentation Speech

Around the turn of the century, Cure Autism Now received a call from a man in the Chicago area. The gentleman on the other line was looking to hold a promotion in his auto dealership for autism awareness month. Now, as many of you know, Cure Autism Now receives many of these calls, and often times, nothing ever happens with them. But this time, there was something different. Danny Wolf spoke of his need for brochures, purchased CAN product, and committed to giving a donation for each car sold in the month of April. He also mentioned a sister-in-law, Kim, who was possibly interested in doing a gala type event.
About this time, Cure Autism Now was trying to re-start the Chicago chapter, which at the time was nothing like the incredible force and presence you have all helped it become today. The Wolfs were invited out for the chapter launch event, and that was where Kim and the entire family really became engaged. From that point on, Cure Autism Now knew that in the Wolf family, we had found an incredible partner, supporter and friend.
Penny & Dan, Tammy & Danny, and Kim & Randy have spent countless hours working hard to support Cure Autism Now in so many ways. Kim worked with her father-in-law Dan and mother-in-law Penny to earn Cure Autism Now a place as a charity beneficiary of the Chicago Auto Show's First Look for Charity, with Dan and Penny using their influence as one of the leading auto dealers in Chicago to help make this dream a reality. On February 8th, we celebrated our 6th consecutive year at the Chicago Auto Show, hosting more people and raising more money in support of autism research than ever before.
In the three years of the Chicago walk, the Wolf family walk teams have raised over $54,000. In addition, their car dealerships lend their support for Walk Now Chicago through the same in-store efforts that Danny called the Cure Autism Now offices about so many years ago, donating almost $70,000 in the past two years alone. In the first five years since Dan and Penny helped to make Cure Autism Now a beneficiary, their efforts at First Look for Charity have generated over $750,000, and through the generous support of all of you, this year's donations will bring us to close to $1 million total in only six years. Kim currently serves as a Cure Autism Now board member and the co-president of the thriving, vibrant and growing Chicago chapter.
It is a pleasure and an honor to present Cure Autism Now's Thanks a Million Award to Penny & Dan, Tammy & Danny, and Kim & Randy Wolf as a token of the appreciation of Cure Autism Now and the entire autism community for their commitment and dedication to fostering the raising of over $1 million in support of research and the quest for a cure.