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Win $50,000 for Autism Speaks in the Holiday Giving Challenge

December 17, 2007

Help win $50,000 for Autism Speaks by participating in the Case Foundation's Holiday Giving Challenge, which takes place through January 31, 2008.

The Case Foundation has partnered with Parade magazine, Network for Good, GlobalGiving, and Causes on Facebook to sponsor the America's Giving Challenge and the Causes Giving Challenge.

Both Challenges present exciting opportunities for individuals to use innovative technologies that improve the charitable giving experience; support and bring attention to the causes they care about most; and get up to $50,000 for the charities they support.

America's Giving challenge
, presented by Parade, participants have two ways to get involved:

  • Champion a Cause – By creating a "charity badge", eight individuals who attract the most unique donors (minimum donation of $10) to give to their cause will get $50,000 for that charity.
  • Give to Cause -- The top one-hundred nonprofits with the most donations made through the Challenge will get $1,000.

The Causes' Giving Challenge, presented by Causes, the popular giving application with more than 5 million members on Facebook, provides individuals with ways to educate and inspire fellow members to donate to their causes. By creating or joining a cause, individuals who attract the most unique donors (minimum donation of $10) will get up to $50,000 for that charity. $50,000 will be awarded for the cause with the most unique donors, $25,000 for the 2nd and 3rd place causes, and $10,000 for the next 10 causes. Fifty (50) $1,000 awards will be given every 24 hours to the cause with the most unique donors. Join the Autism Speaks Cause "Find a Cure for Autism"

Here's how it works: use the same communication tools you use every day, like email, blogs, webpages, social networks, charity badges to mobilize your friends, supporters or anyone who shares your passion to help you generate support for Autism Speaks. More than 150 grants will be awarded to charities participating in the Challenge. The objective of both Challenges is simple: to get the greatest number of unique donations before January 31.

NOTE: Duplicate donations from the same individual will only be counted once.

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in the Holiday Giving Challenge to win money for Autism Speaks!