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What One Family Wants You to Know About Autism

November 11, 2014

"You would think because they're identical twins that their autism would be the same, but they're very different," Tracey Ruscil, a mother of three, told Mashable

Tracey's family was featured in a video titled "What my family wants you to know about autism," as part of the Sesame Workshop initiative to spread acceptance and inclusion by highlighting the commonalities children with autism share with all children. The video also stars the adorable blue monster Grover, who plays with Angelina, 6, and her twin brothers AJ and Garrett, 4, who are on the autism spectrum. 

Tracey and Angelina go on to explain in the video that Garrett was nonverbal until about a year ago when he received an iPad — coupled with speech training — that transformed his life.

Read more about the family here.

Earlier this year, Sesame Street’s Abby Cadabby and Autism Speaks co-founders Suzanne and Bob Wright introduced the initiative, called “See Amazing in All Children.”

The “See Amazing in All Children” initiative will aim to increase understanding, reduce stigma, and demonstrate the commonalities that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) share with all children. The Workshop will also develop tools and resources for families of children with ASD to help them reduce the stress of everyday routines, such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, trying a new food, or playing with other children.