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What is the National Housing Survey? A Q&A with Lisa Goring

July 17, 2013

Autism Speaks Vice President of Family Services Lisa Goring answers your questions about the new National Housing and Residential Supports Survey!

1. What is the National Housing and Residential Supports Survey?

The National Housing and Residential Supports Survey is the first ever survey designed to measure and define the physical housing needs as well as the types of support services needed by young adults and adults with autism so that they may live as independently as possible.

2. What is its purpose?

The purpose of this survey is to hear directly from our community. We need to hear from adults with autism and/or their caregivers so that we can quantify their needs on a national level.  This information will be extremely valuable as we look to increase public and private sector support for an increase in housing and residential support options for adults with autism.

3. Who is it for?

The survey is designed for individuals with autism ages 14 and over and their caregivers.

4. Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is anonymous.

5. Is it available in Spanish?

Yes. Both surveys are available in Spanish.

6. How long does the survey take?

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes.

7. Will I get anything for responding?

All respondents who complete the survey by Friday, August 9th will be entered into a drawing to win a free iPad!

8. What is your goal in terms of responses?

We hope to have 10,000 responses total in one month.

9. What do you plan to do with the responses?

SIS International Research has designed the survey and will provide us with an executive summary of the results.

10. When will we be able to see the results? 

We will publish the results of the survey by Oct. 1st.

11. Do you have any resources for my family while we wait?

Autism Speaks has a Housing and Residential Supports web portal with lots of resources for families looking for housing options for their adult children with autism. We have a tool kit that provides an overview of housing options, as well as funding options, and creates a structure to help families consider and plan for their needs. We also have a housing catalog for families to search for opportunities in their areas. Visit the portal here!

Take the housing survey now!
I am an individual with autism.
I am the caregiver of an individual with autism.

The survey is also available in Spanish here.

Learn more about the National Housing and Residential Supports Survey here.