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What if the Purpose of a Company was to Employ People?

March 11, 2014

March 12, 2014 - In an article on its website Monday, Harvard Business Review asks what would happen if companies hired to maximize jobs instead of profits. 

"Job entrepreneurs," as the article refers to them, build their companies around the employees they wish to hire and then work on finding a business model that maximizes the use of their skills and experience.

The article highlights Dave Friedman, who left his position at a Fortune 100 company two years ago to start a new venture called AutonomyWorks with the goal of employing adults with autismFriedman firmly believed and continues to believe that this population of workers "represent an exceptional yet hidden workforce." He designed the way his business is structured, organized and managed in order to suit his employees.

The article lists three steps it takes to be a job maximizer:

  1. Choose Your Talent.
  2. Find Your Market.
  3. Design Your System.

Friedman and Autonomy Works were featured during the Autism Speaks Small Business Initiative town hall tour last fall as well as last week's Autism Investment Conference on the employment panel.

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