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Washington Post Highlights Vatican's First-Ever Conference on Autism

Autism Speaks Co-Founders will address "The Person with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Animating Hope" conference. The Washington Post shares about the three-day conference...
November 19, 2014

The Vatican’s first ever conference on autism, “The Person with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Animating Hope,” will be held this week. Autism Speaks co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright have been invited to speak at the conference and will focus on volunteerism when they address attendees – including families – on Friday, November 21.

In a Washington Post exclusive, they share how Co-Founders of Autism Speaks Bob and Suzanne Wright will give a presentation at the conference.

Bob Wright said about having a conference at the vatican, “We speak at colleges and places like that, but they don’t reach large audiences. Then we started with the religious aspect, but the problem is there aren’t any leaders who have large numbers. Most religions are split up. We zeroed in on the pope, and this pope in particular, because he has such a gift for reaching out to people, and he wants the church to be more inclusive.”

Organizers told the Associated Press the event is the biggest medical conference of its kind on autism, gathering more than 650 experts from 57 countries.

You can read the entire Washington Post story here. 

On Friday, Nov. 21 at 9 a.m. E.T. LIVE audio of the Wright's remarks from the conference will be streamed here.

Our hope is that all families affected by autism may be welcomed in their house of worship, and able to become active participants in their faith community. We have put together a list of resources here that families and faith leaders may find helpful.