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Wall Street Journal Discusses Autism and Employment

October 09, 2013

A recent study by Virginia Commonwealth University, the first of its kind, found that educational programs focused on developing the strengths of individuals with autism can lead to successful employment for young adults and adults on the spectrum.

The study compared a control group of students in a regular high school setting with a treatment group who spent a year in an intensive, custom-designed study and job training program at a hospital. The results overwhelmingly proved in favor of these types of programs. After graduation, 87% of the treatment group landed hospital jobs and just 6% of the control group found jobs.

One researcher said the key to the program's success was realizing each student's skills and developing them with a specific job in mind that took advantage of their unique skills.

Read more from the Wall Street Journal here.

This month, Autism Speaks is proud to be celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which raises awareness about disability employment issues and celebrates the contributions of America's workers with disabilities, including autism.

Autism Speaks is also traveling the country hosting Small Business Town Hall meetings, designed to feature small businesses employing young adults and adults with autism and to engage the community in a discussion about how to expand job opportunities for this population. The next two meetings will take place Monday, October 21 outside of Dallas and Wednesday, October 23 outside Chicago. See if we are coming to a place near you here!

Check out Autism Speaks employment resources here.