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Walk F.A.R. Goes Abroad in 2005

New Walk Events in NYC, London and Toronto
April 23, 2007

Walk F.A.R. for NAAR is crossing the pond, crossing the border and crossing the country in 2005, with new events in some of the largest, most exciting cities in the world.

In 2005, inaugural Walk F.A.R. for NAAR events will take place in many new locations, includingLondon, Toronto, New York City, Philadelphia, PA, Austin, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, Baltimore, MD and Wilmington, DE. In all, NAAR will hold 37 Walk events in three countries next year.

“Many of our initial Walks continue to spin off new events in neighboring communities,” saidGlenn R. Tringali, CEO of NAAR. “This expansion is made possible by the tireless efforts of NAAR volunteers in communities throughout the country and, now, the world. The development of Walk events in London and Toronto and the formation of NAAR affiliates in Canada and the United Kingdom represent the next phase of NAAR's growth, underscoring our commitment to aggressively funding the finest research in the world and unraveling the mysteries of autism as quickly as we can.”

The Walk's ongoing expansion in 2005 is a natural progression for the program, which has experienced extraordinary growth since its debut in 2000. During that first year, NAAR held six Walk events that rose over $1.7 million. Just four years later, in 2004, NAAR expanded the program to include 25 Walks that raised $7 million for research. New Walks in 2004 included events inChicago, Dallas and San Diego.

For more information on Walk F.A.R. for NAAR, joining a Walk committee or how to bring the Walk to your community, please visit or call 888.777.6227, ext. 33.