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View "A World Where..." Video

January 29, 2008

"A World Where...", a new video from Autism Speaks, is now available for viewing on, the fundraising web site launched by John Ondrasik, the lead singer of pop group Five for Fighting. The site was launched in conjunction with the recently released song "What

world where

Kind of World do You Want." Users are invited to upload videos describing how to make the world a better place, or to simply view videos created by others. Each time a video is uploaded or viewed, up to 49 cents will be donated to charitable organizations -- Autism Speaks is one of six charities selected by the band to be supported by this project.

Click here to view "A World Where...". Be certain to click the sponsor ad at the end of the video so that the donation can be completed. And click here to view a video produced by Ondrasik, describing how Autism Speaks makes a difference in the community. Donations are made with each viewing.