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VIDEO: Sibling Shares What She's Learned From Her Brothers with Autism

February 02, 2015

TED@London highlighted the story of Faith Jegede, a sibling of two brothers on the autism spectrum. Jegede in the video above discusses how because of her brother's she has realized the extraordinary capabilities that those with autism can offer. 

Jegede says in her TED Talk, "You don't have to be normal, you can be extraordinary. Because, autustic or not, the differences we have, we all have a gift inside of us. In all honesty, the pursuit of normality is the ultimate sacrifice of potential. The chance for greatnest, for progress, and for change, dies when we try to be like somebody else. Please, don't tell me I'm normal."

You can read more about Jegede and her talk here

Click here to download Autism Speaks Sibling Support Tool Kit. This tool kit is for children who have a brother or sister diagnosed with autism. Though the guide has been designed for children ages 6-12, the information can be adapted as needed to other age and education levels. The guide is written in an interactive format so parents and siblings can set aside some quiet time to read the guide together. The intention is to create an opportunity for siblings to focus on their feelings, reactions to their sibling’s diagnosis and get information about autism.