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VIDEO: Community Gets Behind Teen with Autism's Love of Vacuums

March 24, 2014

Marcus Bartlett, a teen with autism from Missoula, Montana, is about to have his artwork seen around the world! Marcus loves vacuums and more specifically, Hoover Vacuums. After drawing a picture of a Hoover Vacuum in class one day, his teacher sent it to the Hoover company to review.

The response came quickly and Hoover's art team is now trying to help make Marcus's artwork a viral sensation. In a Youtube video below, Hoover's Social Media Manager Andy Netzel says, "A young man with autism in Montana drew us this picture - his name is Marcus - we thought it was great. We wanted to do something really cool for Marcus in return."

To download a copy of Marcus' Hoover you can find it here. Hoover's goal is for everyone in our community to post the picture anywhere they can and then take a photo and send it back to Hoover to give to Marcus. 

Have you ever done something to light up someone's day? Share your autism kindness act here.