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VIDEO: A Boy with Autism Dreams to Build Lego Masterpiece

March 19, 2014



(March 19, 2014) -- Brynjar Karl, an 11-year-old boy with autism from Iceland is hoping Lego will be able to help make his dreams come true. Brynjar who is a Lego building master created a video with the help of his mom to ask Lego for the bricks to build his masterpiece - a complete replica of the Titanic. Brynjar in the video also asks Lego to extend an invite to him and his family to go to Legoland in Denmark.

Brynjar says to Lego, "please be so kind to help me make this, my dream, come true."

Best of luck Brynjar! Do you have an idea to help make Brynjar's dream a reality? You can reach out to his mother at