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VIDEO: Autism Speaks Co-Founders in Rome for Vatican Conference

November 19, 2014

Today in Rome, Autism Speaks co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright met with US Ambassador to Italy John R. Philips and US Ambassador to the Holy See Kenneth F. Hackett. The Wrights are in Rome for the Vatican's first conference on autism.

The conference, called “The Person with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Animating Hope,” will be held this week. Bob and Suzanne Wright will speak at the conference and will focus on volunteerism when they address attendees – including families – on Friday, November 21.

The Wrights also appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC to talk about the conference and conducted an interview with Vatican Radio. Watch the interview with Andrea Mitchell below. 

"The whole nature of the event, which is sponsored by the Vatican and is put on by the Vatican, is incredibly encouraging. It's a great awareness opportunity for people of all faiths," Bob Wright told Andrea Mitchell.

"This Pope has an enormous ability to reach people all over the world," Bob Wright said. "We're just hoping he'll just ask for some prayers and explain how important it is for families to take care of their children and adults with autism."

Organizers told the Associated Press the event is the biggest medical conference of its kind on autism, gathering more than 650 experts from 57 countries.