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Calls to Action

Vegas, Philly and DC walk for Autism Speaks

November 03, 2013

Thousands of dedicated walkers made Walk Now For Autism Speaks events a huge success this weekend! Three big cities held Walks Saturday and we also had runners in Sunday's ING New York City Marathon raisng funds and awareness for the Autism Speaks mission.

It's not too late to make a donation to these events. You can see the latest event information and make a general donation to an individual Walk by clicking on event links below. 

Saturday Events:

Here are a few photos from this weekend's events:


[slideshow:2, order=top, width=585, height=490, ||,img=|/sites/default/files/docs/dc_walk_13new.jpg|||Washington D.C. Walk Kickoff||,img=|/sites/default/files/docs/unos_jumping_dcnew.jpg|||Walkers get sky high in Washington D.C.|, img=|/sites/default/files/docs/dc_walk_co_chairsnew.jpg|||D.C. Walk co-Chairs||, img=|/sites/default/files/docs/dancersnew.jpg|||Dancers at the D.C. Walk||, img=|/sites/default/files/docs/bannernew.jpg|||Philadelphia Walk - Kickoff||, img=|/sites/default/files/docs/mascotsnew.jpg|||A couple of characters at the Philly Walk||, img=|/sites/default/files/docs/starwarsnew.jpg|||A Star Wars character at the Philly Walk||, img=|/sites/default/files/docs/southwest_autism_in_resource_fairnew.jpg|||Las Vegas Walk||, img=|/sites/default/files/docs/facepainting_with_joes_crab_shacknew.jpg|||Face painting station at Las Vegas Walk]