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Upcoming Play Hopes to Spread Autism Awareness and Understanding

"Square Peg Round Hole" features Autism Speaks staffer Andrew Duff
July 03, 2014



(July 3, 2014) -- A new play that looks to spread awareness about autism is currently raising money to make their show a reality. "Square Peg Round Hole," a new show from the Tectonic Theater Project, features Autism Speaks staffer Andrew Duff, an adult on the autism spectrum. Congratulations to Andrew and company for their fine work! As of Wednesday evening, they have raised more than $10,000 and hope to eclipse the goal of $75,000 by the end of the campaign. 

Tiffany Redmon, director of development and communications for the theater group, said of the play, "We are hoping this will promote dialogue and understanding and awareness. We want to do away with stereotypes and diminish the impact of bullying."

If it raises the needed funds, the play hopes to open at the Gallagher Bluedorn Theater in Cedar Falls, Iowa and then open at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.